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According to Mansilla, Dusinghaia, et al. “At the heart of any interdisciplinary integration lies an integrative device—for example, a metaphor, complex explanation, or bridging concept—that brings together disciplinary insights (344).”

If you could compare your project, implementing your project, trying to find a solution to your problem to something else- an animal, a machine, some kind of metaphor, what would it be and why? One paragraph

For example, my work with ESL volunteering could see me communicating the interdisciplinary integration of teaching English to non-native speakers as a stereo system- I record, I play back, I give users the chance “to make their own music” and “perfect the reproduction” of the English language.

* I work with dc tutoring and mentoring initiative

* My project is canvassing ( going in the street asking people to sing in to be a volunteer

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