Social Movements, Fundamentalists, and Cosmic Warriors Essay

Unit 2 Analysis Paper: “Social Movements, Fundamentalists, and Cosmic Warriors:

Three Theories of Religious Activism and Violence”

Instructions and Requirements


You are to complete an analysis of the essay,… by Dr. Heather S. Gregg, Assistant Professor, at the Naval Postgraduate School. You are expected to analyze the reasoning of the author by evaluating at least two areas/specific points that you agree and/or disagree with.Be sure to demonstrate your rationale for your conclusions.Of importance is that you clearly illustrate your critical thinking and analytical skills, while incorporating scholarly or professional sources in your arguments. Essential to your preparation for this assignment is the review of the following video: Religious and Theologically Motivated Terrorism: Part 1 and 2 – from the Naval Post Graduate School Center for Homeland Defense & Security located in the Unit 2 Assigned Readings and Preparation Activities. In addition, the OWL at Purdue provides a good framework for the expected analysis:…


Your paper must:

Be a minimum of 1,200 words, excluding the title page and references

Include a minimum of three scholarly or professional journal articles written within the last five years.

Utilize resources from the Deets Library (or other accessible library) and/or the Naval Post Graduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security – Homeland Security Digital Library:

Properly cite all sources used (following APA guidelines)

Your essay paper should include the following components:

1.Title Page (per the APA – running head, etc.)

2.Introduction (clearly stated thesis)

3.Body – use section headers for each relevant component of the paper.


5.References (formatted per the APA and on a separate page)

APA Notes:You must follow APA guidelines (one inch margins, double spacing, etc.) and use an “APA title page,” proper page headers, introduction, page numbers (top right), body, in-text citations, conclusion, and properly formatted references. Remember, you must use a proper APA in-text citation for each reference (and vice versa). For more information on credible sources and other information regarding the APA format, please visit….In addition, be sure to review and follow the grading rubric provided in the course shell.

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