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Discussions topic 1:

Review the topics we have covered this semester. Of these topics covered in the course, discuss one or two things that were the most helpful and describe why.

Learning Styles

Cognitive Principles of Effective Learning

Time Management and Procrastination

Note Taking

College Reading

Academic Boredom


Visual Notes


Test Preparation

Test Anxiety

LASSI Pre- and Post-Test

first post :

The parts that stood out most to me were the note taking and academic boredom.

The note taking section helped me see new ideas on how to take notes effectively. I learned that Cornell Notes are not for me. Notes with highlighting helps. Not so much highlighting that it becomes overwhelming though.

Academic boredom helped me realize that maybe I’m not bored with my major, but that I might just be bored with a single class.

second post :

Note taking has helped me out a lot more on knowing which ways I can take notes. I found that if I organize by chapter for notes it helps for studying it. Than by color coding by chapter in my notes it also helps for me to tell which chapter it is and which one I need to study.

Learning styles has also helped me as well. I understand more of what I have to do to learn. I am a visual learner, and I also learn by having to do the task so that I understand it a bit better.

Discussions topic 2:

As your final discussion, please watch this short clip from PBS news hour. If you need the transcript, it’s available below the video.

Select a couple of the following questions to address and connect them to your experience as a college student.

What is your reaction to this video? Are they asking the right questions? Are the points valid? What important points are being neglected? What ideas were accurate and fair? What ideas were inaccurate or unfair? Did you identify any logical fallacies? In what ways might someone who was considering attending college get the wrong idea from this video? What are serious concerns that were fairly raised and how might they be addressed? If college is not worth the cost, what are the alternatives or solutions? What components of the college exerience did this interview emphasize? What other components should have been emphasized?

third post :

College is great. The experience is unparalleled, friendships can be found along with lifestyles and jobs. How better to create the future of our country? I would start with lowering the ridiculous prices. Let’s make what we call a legal adult take on mass amounts of debt just to change their major 3 times, drop out, or fail; with a smaller margin going straight through their degree path not to return back to school. It seems like a scam with the going rates. What about the people that had minimal scholarships, grants, and aren’t financially well off? I suppose those people have to grind away with full time jobs with hopes of gradual promotion while attending community college, 9-12 credit semesters, and pray they have a clear cut plan towards a Bachelor’s degree. There are other options like apprenticeships, technical programs, and work studies. I was told I could be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up, I wasn’t told how challenging it would be to get there. So, college is great, but not for $30000-$75000 per Bachelor’s degree.

fourth post :

I think they could have ended with a stronger comment instead of leaving the conversation hanging in the air. The main question was if any college is really worth it looking at the amount of debts students pile up after finishing school. They didn’t discuss the different tuition colleges that students can save on if they pick cheaper public schools because at the end of the day education is education. There is no point of picking a college known for it’s college sports team and renown for it’s medical school when you are not athletic and a business major and can get the same degree at a community college. We tend to forget that colleges are businesses that are here to make money out of whoever wants to pay the price. I understand that sometimes you might get a better position at a job because you went to a more reputable college but at the cost of paying more debts for years ?

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