Autism and Sexual relationships: Various Perspectives

The research question of the paper is whether individuals with autism
spectrum disorder have a desire to be in sexual relationships. A common
belief that many hold about individuals with autism spectum disorder is
that they have no desire to be involved in sexual relationships. I want
to argue that individuals with high functioning and low functioning
autism do have a desire to be involved in sexual relationships just like
any other individual however there are limitations and obvious
differences that may prevent them from being involved.

Things that must be touched up on this paper: Autism and
infanticide, perspective of autistic individuals about sexual
relationships, perspective of parents of autistics, perspectives of the
general public, perspectives of individuals who have been in sexual
relationships with an autistic, comparing and contrasting high
functioning and low functioning adults and teens with autism, touching
up on the barriers of individuals with autism and sexual relationships.

Must be 10 sources total: Attached are 5 sources that are to be used. The additional 5 sources are
of your choice but must be listed in the citations page in APA Format.

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