bullying essay (5 pages)

In this final synthesis, you will be asked to describe your own stance toward preventing bullying, discrimination and other forms of violence in schools. To do this, you will need to draw on the theoretical and empirical evidence presented in this course; although you may include additional research, it is not required. The purpose of this final synthesis is to help you solidify lessons learned from this course as well as questions and concepts you continue to grapple with. Explore how your own identity and privilege shapes the way your think about prevention of youth violence in schools. This final synthesis should be 5-7 pages in length and written in APA format with an introduction, conclusion and citations.

– OWN stance on preventing bullying, discrimination/harassment, hazing and/or violence

•Use your resource list behavior and population to focus your discussion on prevention

–Incorporate at least one THEORY into your rationale that we have discussed in class.

–Include CLASS RESOURCES for empirical evidence

–Details: 5-7pages, separate reference list, APA style for in-text citations and reference list

–Include a formal introduction and conclusion

–Can use “I” as you will be incorporating your thoughts with empirical evidence, theory and class discussions (suggest this in the intro/roadmap and conclusion)

there is a outline word file

the other 3 pdf files are class reading

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