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PROPP 1 – chapter 6

terms: Self-monitoring

see attached with chapter reading and term

Processing and Reflecting on Personality Psychology (PROPP)

by way of critical and analytical thinking, PROPPS are short reflections on the required reading. You will process (do something with, reflect on) at least 2 major key terms Here’s what I mean by processing:

  • ask and/or answer a question about what you’ve read; challenge or question the concepts
  • differentiate key terms from each other (how are they alike, how are they different)
  • relate the concepts to material from other modules, courses, or experiences
  • discuss the future implications of the research; where can research go from here?
  • look up and expand on the research presented in order to challenge the results

In general, you can do anything beyond just questioning (e.g., “What does this term mean?”) or reporting or summarizing (e.g., “The psychoanalytic approach deals with the unconscious mind.”).

Successful PROPPs…

  • use the language of Psychology and cite psychological research!
  • explore the complexity of humans by intersecting several concepts at once!

  • move beyond sharing personal stories and instead apply the concepts directly to your experiences!
  • will attempt APA formatting (header, page numbers, formatting – use APA Formatting, Research, & Discussion Resources for help!)

reflected upon. PROPPs must include at least one in-text citation (peer-reviewed journal article) and have a References page. They must also be double spaced,1 page with a 1″ margin and a font size no larger than 12 pt.

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