analysis of the Case: Manchester United Soccer Club, management homework help

Please perform
an analysis of the Case: Manchester United Soccer Club. At a minimum you must
address the questions raised at the end of the case. Question 1 requires you to
create a WBS, you are required to create it in a flowchart (organizational
chart) format not a list of deliverables (you can refer to content folder for
creating org charts in MS word). Ensure that your major deliverables,
sub-deliverables as well as work packages are well defined and created

As with any case
analysis, please ensure that your report contains appropriate analysis,
justification and rationale for any conclusions or recommendations that you

I will upload 2 files:

1- Manchester CaseStudy: this file has the case and the questions that you are going to read and analyse.

2- Ch04: this file has the content of the the chapter the the case about. You may use this file to help you doing the analysis. 

***You have to cover all the questions in your answers. 3 pages or 3 and half might be enough, or maybe you can check how many pages it needs.*** 

Please Please do it correctly and thoughtfully. And let me know if you any questions

Thank you 

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