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A Plan for the Restructuring of the Department of Homeland Security: The Need to Improve DHS’s Effectiveness

final Assignment in this course is an 18–20 page term paper addressing
the restructuring of the Department of Homeland Security.

If you
were advising the President of the United States (POTUS), what
recommendations would you make to POTUS in order to better integrate the
different intelligence and homeland security agencies with the goal of
creating more useful “actionable” information? Use the following
critical functional areas as a basis to start your recommendations:

  • Fusion of actionable intelligence information (connecting the dots)
  • Prevention and deterrence of attacks
  • Protection and hardening of targets
  • Response and recovery attacks/disasters
  • Improved cost efficiencies within DHS

sure to show how you would apply those recommendations and support that
application with an analysis and critical evaluation of both the
current and future versions of the DHS. Provide examples when

This 18–20 page paper (the page count does not include
citations and exhibits), should be written using APA format and include
at least 20 sources beyond the textbook. You should try to incorporate
major portions of the “mile-stone” Assignments that you drafted in
earlier units.

Key sections of your Term Paper should be:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction and historical overview of the creation of DHS
  • A literature review of critical organizational structure issues of DHS
  • Your proposals
  • Conclusion

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