Easy Sociology Questions

Just watch the video below and answer the 3 questions in detail:

1. Use your sociological imagination to answer the question posed in the subject of this video – why domestic violence victims don’t leave? Use your readings and the video to outline the structural forces that shape the individual experience of violence in the family.

2. We talked at the beginning of the course about how the simple act of defining something as a ‘problem’ is pivotal to the social problems process. Apply this to the ‘problem’ of domestic violence, noting examples from the video – what role does the definition of a ‘problem’ play into domestic violence? How does this exacerbate (or start to solve) the problem?

3. Which of the three major theoretical perspectives (conflict, functionalism or symbolic interactionism) do you think provides the best explanation as to why the problem of domestic violence persists in society? Be specific, and use examples outlined in your readings/the video to back up your point.

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