Essay for the University

Answer the question below and each answer should be ( one page in length –  double-spaced).

1- Describe the activities and experiences that demonstrate your commitment to personal learning and development.

2- Explain your learning objectives for the DM program. ( Doctor of management ).

3- Beyond your own learning, to what values, actions, and/or visions are you committed?

4- Discuss what you see as the most significant qualities or characteristics that you would bring to the DM Program. In other words, what would be your value-added to the Program?

5- Briefly describe an organizational or societal issue or problem that concerns you, and indicate the intellectual contribution you would like to make to it.

6- Indicate how you would ideally envision the remainder of your career, and what role the DM Program might play in that development.

7- Describe in concrete terms how you plan to restructure your time and existing responsibilities, both personal and professional, so that you will be able to attend to all residency sessions of the DM Program and devote at least 30 hours per week to your studies.

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