Narrative Description of Distributed Solution

The project is an app that will allow current Technology students to be
able to track their progress towards earning their degree as well as their
estimated graduation date. They
can quickly access information on what classes they still need to complete, if
there are any pre-requisites they need to complete first, when the classes are
offered, and how many credits each class is. It will also give students the option to test
out of certain classes if they believe they already possess the knowledge or
have previously taken a course that is similar to what they would learn in that
class. Students can be more informed on their progress
and track how they are doing. They can see what they need to accomplish
in order to graduate as well as their estimated graduation date. If they
need to withdraw for a term, they can determine if they will be able to
take the same class next term and how it will impact their graduation
date. The student can also see if they can expedite their graduation
date by testing out of a certain class. Ultimately, it gives the student
the opportunity to take their education into their own hands and allows
them to be in control of their education.

please provide a detailed narrative description of your distributed solution. Your report should include:

  • Identifies stakeholders involved in the SoT Mobile App Project
  • A description of the goals for the SoT Mobile App
  • A description of a mobile front-end for your solution (e.g., a smart phone interface, a web front-end, etc.).
  • A detailed description of the distributed data sources you plan to integrate in your solution.
  • Any other relevant details that serve to describe the business problem being solved, and your approach to solving it.

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