needd to read a chapter and answer question in a list ab one page

Read: Takin’: Ch. 3, “‘Hey, Hey, LBJ’: Vietnam and the Antiwar Movement”

  • George Skakel, One Soldier’s View: Vietnam Letters

  • Paul Potter, The Incredible War

  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Declaration of Independence from the War in

  • John Kerry, Vietnam Veterans Against the WarWrite: Assignment must be typed, with your name at the top

    Find at least one reason that the Vietnam War was wrong, immoral, unjust, or
    destructive from each of the four documents. Then just type it up as a list like

    George Skakel: << type here a sentence that tells at least one reason Skakel
    thought the war was wrong, etc. >>

    Paul Potter: << type one of Potter’s reasons here >>
    Martin Luther King, Jr.: <<reason>>
    John Kerry: <<reason>>

    You only need to write a single sentence about a single one of each writer’s
    reasons. You have to do all four writers, though. You do not have to cover all
    of the reasons that the writer gives. Use NO QUOTATIONS. Write their
    reasons entirely in your own words. 

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