Please respond the following post.

Please respond the following post with a long paragraph with your opinion, add citations and references.

In my opinion, the definition of a healthy community incorporate a few key aspects. One of the aspects is that a healthy community usually has low crime rates. Many communities that tend to be bad communities tend to have a high crime rate and also have gang activities, causing the utilization of more enforcement officers. Another aspect that should be taken into consideration when comparing bad communities with good communities is the availability of public/community aids such as diabetes education and parenting education for those in need. The last aspect that I believe influences whether a committee is a good or bad one is also the poverty rate and amount of people who are homeless. A lot of cities areas tend to have a lot of poverty and homeless individuals, because of that a lot of these big cities have a reputation that is on par with a committee that is bad. I am not saying that most big cities have this repetition of having a bad community, but it is prevalent that bigger cities such as New York or Philadelphia have been known to have a lot of bad communities (CDC,2018).
In healthy communities, there tends to be a lot of communication and observation on aspects of that specific area that can be improved. There tends to be a group of people who are responsible for critical changes that will help improve their community. Healthy communities also have a lesser need for the police force as compared to the extreme excess that those of more troublesome communities require. The education system is also adequate to deliver education to the youth and provide enough support to these children that they can excel. The same communities also have low drug abuse and alcohol abuse rates as compared to other communities that are bad.
There are a few interventions that can be done to improve a community. If there is a higher crime rate, gang activities, and other troublesome issues such as these, there should be more police enforcement to monitor those high crime areas. On top of that, there should be programs available for those who are homeless to allow them to get off their feet and give them the opportunity to do more for themselves. In regards to alcohol and drug abuse, there should also be programs made to combat these health issues and provide appropriate education on the health risks that accompany these abuses. Unfortunately, a lot of these changes and efforts towards creating a healthy community require much money and much time to develop which most places do not have. Not only can money be an issue but because these bad community areas can vast at times, it may take a large-scale plan to make any noticeable changes in such areas (Goodman, 2014).

Goodman, R. A., Bunnell, R., & Posner, S. F. (2014). What is “community health”? Examining the meaning of an evolving field in public health. Preventive medicine, 67 Suppl 1(Suppl 1), S58-61.…

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