Assessment Paper

  • Complete the final project, addressing the
    questions below. You have selected a U.S. publicly traded company ( Eagle Material Inc. ) having
    a market capitalization of $2-$10 billion, and throughout the course
    you have been following the company and assessing the company’s health
    as well as your hypothetical investment of $1,000.
  • Using the outcome from those various activities, discussions, and research performed during the course, write a formal assessment of the health of the company you chose in a paper of approximately 1,750 words.
  • Ensure that your company assessment document address the following topics:
    • Why did you choose this particular company?
    • In
      what industry does this company operate, and how does it fit into the
      particular industry? Is it an industry leader? A small player? Does it
      operate in multiple industries and do the multiple operations complement
      or hedge the company’s overall strategy?
    • What
      risks does the company face on the surface? What additional risks or
      matters of concern did you discover (via analyst write-ups, articles,
      press releases, industry-wide concerns) during your research?
    • Perform
      ratio analysis on the company and evaluate the overall health of the
      company relative to its industry based on its financial statements.
    • Analyze the company’s financing mix.
    • Describe the company’s international operations and risks.
    • Business relationships: Would you be willing to maintain a relationship with the company as a supplier? Why or why not?
    • Employee
      relationships: Would you be willing to work for the company? What if
      your compensation package only included the company’s stock (no cash)?
    • Investor
      relationships: Imagine you invested $1,000 in the company’s stock on
      the first day of the course. How did your investment perform during the
      course? Did you make money? If so, what was the annualized return? Did
      you lose money? Earn a dividend? What about long-term performance of the
      stock? Prepare or provide a chart showing the company’s stock price
      over the previous 5-year period. Would you want the company’s stock or
      debt in your 401(k)? Why or why not?
    • Has the firm executed any stock buybacks? If so, what was the effect on the stock price?
    • Calculate the WACC for your company.
    • If you knew 8 weeks ago what you know now about finance, would you have invested in this company? Why or why not?
  • Include a minimum of four sources, one of which must be the company’s 10-K Annual Report.

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