Discussion Board Responds. ( Foundation on Emergency Management )

The Emergency Operations Plan

– Please look over a two from classmates and comment on how you might change them – different objectives, new ones, different wording for clarity. Response to each one of them separately.

– I have attached my two classmates’ post.

Discussion Question:

you are to integrate the reading lessons into the creation of an Incident Action Plan (IAP) and document that on ICS 201. Remember to utilize the “Incident Priorities” established in your prior reading assignments, for example: protection of life, incident “stabilization” (prevent it from getting bigger), protection of property, protection of environment, restoration of community.

Incident – Winter Storm Jonas resulted in a roof collapse of a Senior supervised living facility housing 8 residents, 3 with ‘special care needs’ requiring continuous electrical power. Two staff and 2 residents are unaccounted for in this brick and wood frame 2 floor plus basement structure.

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