4th take home exam (2 pages maximum)

This is an open book exam, which means that you may consult your notes and the assigned readings if you wish. I advise against consulting other sources for this exam. However, if you do, you should attach a “References” page to your exam, with full citations for those sources. And you should also indicate on your exam (with a parenthetical citation) when you are using ideas and language from other sources. Failure to do so could result in a charge of academic dishonesty. Please review the policy on plagiarism for this class, on page 3 of the syllabus.

Hopefully the commands on the last exam can help me understand what the Professor is looking for!

Hope you doing well on this exam!

Please answer the question directly! No FLUFF this time. The length of the answer doesn’t matter. Be able to answer the question and approve your answer are the most important

only pick 1 question out of the prompt to answer!

Professor said she would discuss the prompt on Thursday! i will upload the notes later! Please view the prompt and the book in advance since the due date is really close and I can’t extend the deadline this time~

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