Seven Rules for International Distribution

Use any resources necessary in answering the discussion questions. Please remember that your explanations to the discussion questions above must be substantive, clear, deliberate, and meaningful detailed essays.

For an answer to be considered excellent, first show that you know the meaning of the concept or theory being discussed by providing a definition of it and then briefly discussing its tenets and its core components. Then, answer the question by articulating your position as best you can and defending your perspective, if necessary. If you provide short answers and leave the reader guessing as to the intent of your answer, then your answer is incomplete.

The following questions are based on the article entitled “Seven Rules for International Distribution”.

  • Provide a summary of the article in substantive detail. In your summary, identify and explain EACH of the seven rules of international distribution.
  • What is the thesis of the article?Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?
  • Are there any other rules that you can suggest in addition to those identified by the authors? Explain each of your suggestions in substantive detail.

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