Plan and Execute a One-day Invitational Track and Field and Draft Contracts

Legal Aspect of Sport

You are the New Technical Director of Run Faster, Inc., a new Track & Field Club located in Ocho
Rios, St. Ann. Your first big project is to plan and execute a one-day
Invitational Track & Field Meet which will be held on April 1, 2017.

The proposed location for the meet has a number basic
amenities for hosting such an event but would require some upgrade and possible
additional infrastructure.

  1. Identify
    and list what you think will be needed for you to put on this event.
  2. Make
    assumptions about what you think already exists and create a list of these
  3. Draft
    contracts in order to acquire your missing items. Be sure to include ALL
    necessary and IMPORTANT details in your contracts.
  4. BE CREATIVE!!!!      

Please let me see the first contract that you create! There should be a minimum of 10 contracts. 

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