THE GRAPES OF WRATH, film homework help

Hello there, how are you doing.I wish you doing good I have an assignment which needs to picked up a movie and write about it. The first paper is the film criticism essay, based in large part on the Corrigan text, in which you will write with some depth on a film we screen in class or outside.Minimum 7-8 pages.  Due October 6. The professor need to write my opinion about that movie, how do you feel about it, why did you like it ,what you like in it, what is the best part of that movie , how that movie deployed in culture of history in American cinema I already picked the movie and it is
THE GRAPES OF WRATH here is the link of the movie

 Also, I’m gonna upload a sample paper and I need you to write same as it The professor said “I’m most interested in ideas, concepts, and opinions, based on a strong viable thesis that you support with sources. The critical essay is not a research paper; your opinions count heavily and I don’t have to agree with you” Please my friend make very easy essay and low level of vocabularies.

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