Architecture history research on The Furness Library,

First- I did I divide the paper into 4 sections and made them clear, that talk about the (The Furness Library, officially known as the Fisher Fine Arts Library 1886–1891, is located in Philadelphia on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.

1- Intro and CONTEXT (one page).

Tell me about the building. Be sure that introductory paragraph covers the topics listed down and would allow you to answer questions.

* What was going on during this time period nationally? Explore American history during this period What about locally?

  • Explore Philadelphia history during this period. (Very relevant)
  • How were the country and the region/city changing and/or growing? What political, social, and economic changes were occurring that help to place this building and designer into historical context and provide a framework for the style architecture, interiors, and art of this time period?

2- STYLE and MEANING (one page).

  • What is the style of the building?
  • What associations that people had at the time to the style-revival or modern- can explain its use for this building type?
  • How does the style communicate meaning about the values and public persona of the client/institution to the community?
  • Is there a specific building, building type, or interior that was used as a model and why?
  • What concepts, ideas, images, and/or values did the architect/designer hope to convey by utilizing this particular model?
  • What associations to this style was the patron hoping to convey? In other words, why choose that source?

3- BUILDING TYPE (one page).

  • Is the program of the building traditional (residential, government, church, etc) or more recently developed (museum, library, hospital, prison, etc.)?
  • If the program has developed in response to cultural/economic changes during this period, how has the architect solved for program?
  • What cultural/economic/social shifts resulted in the need for this building type? (why did they need this building)?
  • Who used the building and what part does that play in its design?(Upper, middle or lower classes; male or female; public or private; any particular group?)

4- INTERIORS (one page).

  • What colors and materials are used for interiors/furnishings?
  • Are the objects displayed local or imported?
  • Is the furniture hand- or machine-made?
  • What does the interior communicate about the occupant or function of the building?


1-Chicago-style format- All information that you directly quote or paraphrase needs a citation footnote, placed at the bottom of each page.

2- Keep it simple and easy to understand.

3- At last you should you should use 3 sources

Thank you.

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