business ethics (envisioning an ideal organization)

{please read carefully the file paper two instructions}

the organization will be Amazon

for this assignment i need someone who studied business Ethics and will be able to read chapter 1,2,3,4,and 8 of the shareholder value Myth( the link for the book is below ). it is not that long of a reading however this book is going to be the main resource for this assignment and you can find two other resources.

book link ( signup for the free trail its free no card needed )…

Your paper should perform the following tasks:


Depict an ethical organization:

Imagine an ideally ethical organization,

starting with a

description of your role in that organization

. What

kind of organization is it (business, non-profit, academic…)? What kind of

products / services does it provide? Are you the entrepreneur, manager, executive,

or do you have some other role? Does the organization have a mission statement

and set of core values? What is its authority structure? Is it privately owned or

publicly traded? What institutional policies, procedures, and practices are in place

to promote ethics? Is it a socially responsible company?


Explain relevant textual concepts and examples:

Identify a set of concepts and

examples from this unit that are relevant to your vision. Explain the concepts in

depth and show how they relate to components (1) and (3). Select examples of

either ethical or unethical institutional practices and then explain what lessons you

derive from those practices as they pertain to components (1) or (3).


expand, or innovate.


Articulate and justify the responsibilities of leadership:

Articulate your view of

leadership and specify the types of leadership roles that exist in your ideal

organization. Then, clarify the responsibilities of the leadership and

explain why

the leadership needs to adopt these responsibilities.

Your argument will need

to apply a theory (or theories) from the Theoretical Framework unit.

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