Business Integrated Financial Model workbook

There are 2 attachments to complete this assignment. The Escholar Ent Fin Case will provide you with a real-life fact pattern based off of one of the Regnier Institute’s Escholar ventures. This fact pattern needs to be entered into the Integrated Financial Model workbook. This assignment is about learning to use a financial model in a real world situation where you are not told exactly what numbers to put in what boxes. You need to analyze the fact pattern and use critical thinking to figure out how to build the financial model. My suggestion for the easiest way to do this: 1. Pull up the workbook excel file. 2. Read through the fact pattern and input numbers as you go (accuracy is not terribly important yet). 3. Complete the initial input stage as you work through each year and have completed all the workbook tabs. 4. Review the outcomes (does anything look odd?) 5. Go through the fact pattern a second time and review the numbers you entered (Did you put them in the right place? Did you calculate correctly? Did you miss anything?) 6. Take a break until tomorrow. 7. After a nice rest, read through the fact pattern a third time and review your numbers again. 8. Rinse and repeat.

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