Develop an annotated Reference List

Submit an annotated reference list for at least 10 peer-reviewed articles
related to your chosen research area. You are free to choose any articles of
interest, but you are encouraged to use a dissertation topic that you are
interested in for this assignment.

Begin your assignment with a short introduction to your chosen topic area
and a preliminary topical research question. Explain why this question
interests you.

For each source in the annotated reference list, include the following

  1. the full APA reference,
  2. a 50-word summary of the article, and
  3. two sentences describing how the article will support the research
    problem area and/or support the need for the research. Also,
    explain how it relates to your topical research question.

Be sure this document is formatted in APA style with a title page,
introduction (briefly describing the research area and indicating a topical
research question). Your annotated reference list must be at least three pages
in length.

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