ECE 315 W2 Language Development in Young Children D1

In Chapter 3, you were presented with four language acquisition
theories: behaviorist, active construction of a grammar, connectionist,
and social interaction theories.  For this discussion, you will first
select one of the theories and explain its main components in a graphic
organizer.  The recommended website, Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers,
offers digital graphic organizers to help you with the creation of your
graphic organizer, or you can use the graphs/charts feature in
Microsoft Word.  You will then compare and contrast your chosen theory
with the other theories listed above, highlighting the major
similarities and differences.  

The graphic organizer you create for the theory you choose should include:

  • The main theorist associated with the theory
  • A summary of what the theory states
  • Evidence supporting the theory
  • Evidence against the theory

In your compare/contrast analysis of the theory, include the following:

  • Similarities to other theories
  • Differences from other theories

Refer to Chapter 3 of the text, additional resources, and your own
insights.  Remember that your graphic organizer needs to contain an APA
citation for any source used, including the textbook.  Your discussion
post title should be the same as your chosen theory.  The body of your
post should consist of your compare/contrast analysis.  

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