I need a 6 page English paper

It is supposed to be 6 pages and include a works cited page. The topic I decided to write about is single-sex schools vs. coed schools and I am in favor of the benefits of coed schools in the United States. The instruction are below:

Each student will write a 6 page paper with 1½ line spacing that: (1) summarizes and provides background for an education issue, (2) takes and supports a particular viewpoint and (3) identifies and accounts for opposition positions. Potential Topics, include but are not limited to: Charter schools vs. Traditional Public Schooling; Affirmative Action in Higher Education; Science Standards and Creationism; Proper Role of Social Studies; Who should teach? (Alternative Certification, TFA, or college training). Position paper grading will be informed by specific expectations:

– Content: Command of the topic (through introductory sections &/or body, author

  demonstrates a thorough understanding of the topic) (10/30)

– Content: Command and fair representation of arguments from supporting and opposing

viewpoints, including quotes and at least six citations to support representations (10/30)

– Implementation: Organization and development of a clear, well-defined paper with a clear topic, logical flow, no redundancy and a strong overall argument (5/30)

– Implementation: Grammatically correct throughout, with no misspellings,  

spellcheck miscues, sentence fragments or other grammatical problems. (5/30)

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