ITE Should You Be Required to Obtain Permission before Posting Photos of Others?


Read “Ethics & Issues 1-2: Should You Be Required to Obtain Permission before Posting Photos of Others?” in Module 1. The essay is located on p. 1-21. If you are using the e-book, Click Search this course in the upper right section of the screen:

"Search this Course" Box

Enter “Ethics & Issues 1-2” (make sure to include the quotes) and click the green magnifier:

Search Box

The search result indicates the module (Module 1) and the section within the module (1-5c) where the content can be found. Click Module 1 and scroll to the appropriate content.

Search Box

Based on your personal opinion, experience, and/or reaction to this topic, answer the questions specified in the Ethics & Issues box OR respond to one of your classmates’ essays. You will be completing 12 essays throughout the course. Each essay can be an original response to one of the discussion forum issues or a response or reaction to another student’s original essay or response. I suggest you respond to someone with whom you disagree. It will make the dialogue more interesting.

There are no right or wrong answers but to receive credit, the essays and/or responses need to be at least 200 words. Your responses must be uniqueand original. Content from other sources will not count towards receiving credit for this assignment.

To post your responses:

  • Click the Reply button below to respond in the discussion forum.
  • When finished, click the Post Reply button.

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