organisation’s learning development plan for individuals and groups, Performance Management Questions

Answer the following tasks

Task 1: Workplace

Assessment task 1-
Workplace Project

Review your
organisations’s performance management system. You can do this by
interviewing your manager or relevant Human Resource team members,
review the policy and procedures against best practice and compare
your organisation to at least one other organisation performance
management system (many organisations will have it on their website)

100 words

Activity 2-
Addressing performance issues

Prepare a report (250
words) discussing the overview of your organisation of how your organiszation addresses performance related issues both positive and
negative. Ensure you look at issues of informal feedback, development
plans, incentives, mediation and disciplinary procedure. How
effective are they for the people involved and the organisation?

Activity 3- Learning
and development plans

Prepare a report of 250
words that addresses your organisation’s learning development plan
for individuals and groups. Examine and report on:

  • Their contribution
    to talent management and employee performance

  • Time limits and
    development plan timelines and expected outcomes

  • Monitoring development plan timelines

  • Monitoring and
    ensuring Quality Assurance

  • How progress and
    success rate is communicated appropriately managers

Task 2:

Research an individual
instance of unfair dismissal ruling where the employee’s performance
reviews were a contributing factor. Outline and reference case
chosen. Prepare a 250 word report on

  • Feedback, learning
    and development plan and appeal process and reports used to
    investigate the dismissal

  • Ruling or outcome
    of the case

  • Recommendations or
    changes to avoid related problems in future

Task 3:

1. Discuss feedback
models (2 sentences)

2. What is talent
management? 1 sentence

3. Discuss how coaching
and mentoring can be used in an organisation for talent management 2

4. Discuss the role of
performance management in relation to broader human resources and
business objectives 2 sentences

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