Personal writing experience in my entire life- 1000 words

In this essay you will write a story of your writingexperiences—it

could be in both your native and second or foreign language(s).

Consider your entire life, including pre-school years, and do not limit

yourself to school experiences. The experiences should be arranged in chronological order.

Writing Sample 1

A Writer’s Autobiography

“Sit still, concentrate on your book, and recite the poems!” Three consecutive orders came out from dad’s mouth. I was only five years old then. It
is not likely for a kid like me to memorize these poems while just
being able to recognize a few characters in them, let alone the meanings
that the poems were trying to convey.
I whispered in mind, but was too afraid to answer back. More often than
not, I would pick up my astronomy book after he turned around and left,
browsing fascinating pictures in it and dreaming to be a scientist.
Being naturally rebellious and naughty, I often incurred my parents’
blame. Though I did not memorize as many poems as most “well-educated”
preschool kids did, I
clearly remembered what dad always said– The reading you do now is
fundamental to the writing you will do in the future. Writing has the
power to change your life. Of course, I had no idea of what my father
meant at that time.

I first touched writing when I entered elementary school.

All my six school years barely left any impression on me in terms of

writing, except that my parents kept forcing me to take special writing

training sessions while I was reluctant to. Dad insisted on his words as always. And I was still perplexed at his words after six years, with no affection for writing at all.

In my 7th grade in junior school, things did change. I fell in love with writing as if it happened all of a sudden. Believe it or not, it was my math teacher who
gave me the motivation to write. She shared Xi Murong’s poetry
selections with me. Most of the poems were about love. That was the
first time that I had ever so closely contacted
a person through her words. That
was the first time I actually felt a person’s sadness, daze and
wistfulness for love through her words. That was the first time I had an
impulsion that I should write down something to express my true
feelings, to record what I had perceived. I started writing poems
myself, even though they were not perfectly rhymed. I began to observe
the world around me. I eulogized the color green, for it revealed the
essence of life—to strive. I wrote a story about an injured bee
struggling in sands to call for the equality of lives.
My papers got published. Writing changed my life in a way that enabled me to possess an insightful view of my life itself.

In my 8th grade,
sciences officially stepped into my life. When science and writing, my
two lovers, came to me together, I could not embrace them both. I
struggled for a while and
accepted sciences as my “wife”, while writing was miserably degraded as my “paramour”, who I could only meet once a month.
I no longer had suffic

As most underground loves

do not last long, neither did mine with Chinese writing. Due to

exceptional performance in math and sciences during junior school, I was

selected into a special student group with intensive sciences study in

high school. Sciences classes and homework squeezed most of my spare

time. Gold cannot be pure; man cannot be perfect. I was not capable of

handling science contests and writing simultaneously. No matter how

furious my Chinese teacher was when he commented my essays as hollow,

tedious and lacking humanity; no matter how often he accentuated the

importance of writing in college entrance examination, I ditched

writing, even without pain. Love came, and love’s gone. My romance with

Chinese writing came to a sharp end at the start of my last high school


In the summer of 2007, I was honored to be admitted to Cornell Summer College, and enrolled in English as a Second Language program mainly because I was more adept in English writing than my
peers. English writing did change my life. It changed my life track. I
produced six papers in six weeks there in Cornell. My instructor seemed
never willing to stop writing on my paper, highlighting my shiny ideas
and correcting my misusage of the English language. We freely exchanged
our ideas about English writing during conferences. His big smiles
always expressed his recognition of my work. Day by day, my English
writing skills got enhanced little by little, and my confidence in
English writing got augmented. I still remember all the researches I did
when I attempted to work on a comparative essay about the differences
between American and Chinese college education systems. If it were not
for this essay, I would never discover how much I admired college life
in the States. Later, I abandoned my parents’ wishes of getting into a
top university in China; instead, I picked up my pen and let my ideas
flow on application essays for US colleges. I opened a window for myself
to see the world. Since then, my life track has been twisted, and I
have set out for a new journey.

Here now at Purdue,
I have been exposed more to professional writings such as building up a
resume, composing a cover letter, and writing letters in business
format and tone to my potential employers and school administrators.
Still, there are a great many to learn about various writing formats and
styles. My journey just gets started, and it smoothly goes on.
By the next time when writing changes my life again, I wish I could share my achievements and joy with everyone.

ient time to write romantic poems or essays,
because all essays were suggested a formal format so as to ensure a
decent score in the exams.

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