Political Research Paper + Prove using RStudio

Instruction and Guidelines is on the file attached named (Research Paper Directions and Guidelines)

I have done PART 1 on the research paper but I still need to do PART 2 and PART 3

Steps to do (For You Tutor) :

Part 1: Adjust the paper on the file attached below named (American Ignorant Voters Part 1) with the feedback of the professor attached on the file named (Feedback and comments)

Part 2: Part II: Theory and Hypothesis (3-4 pages), DO NOT add citation for this part.

Part 3: Descriptive Statistics (3-­4 pages). Last Part to do is PART 3 for NOW


*NOTE: Part 3 needs someone knows how to use the application RStudio. Link to see (rstudio.com). If you don’t know how to use it then tell me.

– This is a continuous to the Research Question on part 1.

– All citations are on the last page on the Microsoft Word Document attached***

– Ask me for any confusion, Grading will be be taken under each part’s Rubric, So pay a close attention to it.

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