Product/Brand Development 2-3 slides only

This assignment is a team power point presentation. my part is only 1 bullet point. please read the following requirements and the attached file to make sure you are on the right page on this assignment. (read the attached file and use the text book as a reference, also make sure you use in-text citations as well in the speaker notes) the power point slides need to have image, art work, or pictures also the slide need to be bullet points only and each bullet point has to have 1 short sentence. you can explain the slides in the speaker notes with in-text citations and detailed speaker notes, not just a copy and paste from the exact slide. (only do the bullet point that says MY PART. )

Students will be working in their Learning Team as a development team, creating and developing their own brand/product throughout the remainder of the course.

For the first phase of development:

  • Identify the target market.
  • Define the brand elements using the six building blocks discussed in the readings. (MY PART) 2-3 slides only.
  • Define the brand equity position.
  • Create a brand management strategy for the brand and its products.
    • How should the product be promoted/marketed?
    • Develop a social media strategy.
    • Identify and address the challenges and opportunities as they relate to the brand’s niche and competition.

Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to present your brand or product.

Include speaker notes to add more detail and explanation to each slide.

Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Read the attached file to find out what needs to be done for this presentation.

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