​Psychology Selfie”

Psychology Selfie”

This assignment entails you to take a picture of yourself (or have someone take it) that demonstrates a psychological concept from the most recent units (Chapters 1- 7). Please post the photo in the body of your thread. In addition to your photo, you need to write a paragraph (minimum 5 -7 sentences) that defines the concept in your own words using in text citations for your paraphrased definition. That paragraph needs to explain how your photo relates to the concept being depicted.

You need to then do research about this concept, refer to it, and use it to do any one of the following: Explain the concept better to someone else by going into more detail, comparing what your research says to what your textbook says, explaining how this informed you, or something along those lines. This should be a paragraph (minimum 5 – 7 sentences). You must use in text citations in reference to the material you use for every source you use. You should not be quoting your sources, you should be paraphrasing and using in text citations for the paraphrases.

In addition, please comment on how understanding/applying this concept could add value to your life or someone else’s minimum a paragraph, (minimum 5 – 7 sentences). You can incorporate your research here instead if that makes more sense. If you incorporate the research here, you must use in text citations here.

Doing just the bare minimum may not allow you to obtain full credit. Be thorough in your explanations.

  • You may not duplicate someone else’s concept. So you must check the prior posts to make sure you are not copying anyone. (ex. If they chose anterograde amnesia you could do retrograde amnesia but not anterograde).
  • You may not use general chapter titles as the main concept (ex. you cannot use “memory,” “learning,” “sensation” etc. but you could use extinction, absolute threshold, aptitude test ex.)
  • You must have a reference to your textbook and the source you researched and use in text citations for each one.
  • Those references must be included at the bottom of your post.

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