Quantitative Research Studies

Continue to gather information about the topic of interest and the
research focus you identified in Week One. Identify two journal articles
that report on quantitative research studies that address the research
topic or research focus of interest to you.

  • Discuss how these two studies are useful in helping you develop a
    better understanding of your topic of interest or research focus,
    evaluating the strength and potential weaknesses of the two studies as
    reliable sources to support a research study on your topic or question
    of interest.
  • Validity is a characteristic used to evaluate the quality and
    applicability of quantitative research, much like trustworthiness is
    used to evaluate qualitative research. After reading about external
    validity in this week’s readings, identify the potential threats, if
    any, to external validity in the two studies you identified.

should be at least 300 words in length, and should reference at least two different academic sources.

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