Quantity Surveying Practice Civil

Learning Outcomes

1. Evaluate and appraise quantity surveying problems and draw conclusions.

2. Advise on the resources that affect the costs during pre-construction and construction phase.

3. To critically evaluate the analytical estimating methodologies, produce taking off and bill of quantity for various civil engineering structures using CESMM4

Assignment Objective

The aim of the study is to explore the standing methods of measurement – particularly CESMM4, bills of quantities, contractors’ estimating and tendering system, interim payments, day works, including relevant IT applications. The students will gain an understanding of IT applications used in Quantity Surveying and increase their knowledge of the concepts of quantity surveying applied in civil construction projects and the role of the QS in terms of practice and procedures

2) Task 2

Mr. ABC decided to construct the sewage holding tank by leveling the rectangle shape land of size 45 x 90m. The ground has to be leveled by cutting the excess soil and fill in the low-lying area of reduce level +100.000. Consider the weighting of depth as extreme corner three times, intermediate points on the boundary one time and all other intermediate points two times. As the senior quantity surveyor of the consultant company, you are required to prepare the report covering the points given in task below based on CESMM4.

a) Prepare the bill of quantity based on the quantity of cutting and filling done if the unit cost for cutting is 0.630 Omani Rials and filling is 0.325 Omani Rials (refer RL of each point in excel sheet).

b) Determine the takeoff for sewage holding tank shown in fig-2 as per CESMM4 for the following items. Classes E: topsoil removal maximum depth not exceeding 0.20m, earthwork excavation below ground level, F: blinding concrete, reinforced concrete slab for base, F: Reinforced concrete outer wall U: dense concrete partition Block work, G : concrete Accessories.

c) Prepare the bar bending schedule for the roof slab (refer reinforcement details in data sheet). Unit cost of steel bar is 260.00 Omani Rials per metric ton.

d) Suggest the possible ways to reduce the cost sewage holding tank in terms of Project specific factor and materials.

e) Explain any two problems will face by the quantity surveyor while preparing the variations with help of computers suggest the possible solution to minimize the same.

f) Advise your company about the interim valuations and payment options during the construction of sewage holding tank.

Note that:

Here should be Two diagram, But I’ve uploaded them in word file “Figure Number 1”.

As well as “Figure 2”. Both diagrams in one file named “Diagrams”.

*** Words count = 1500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I’ve uploaded excel file named “Data Sheet_QSPC_SP2021” please use data for student name: Mohammed Saleh Mahmood Al Farsi.

*** Also, word file uploaded named “Diagrams”.

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