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1. Select an element of risk analysis and using an example explain it in detail.

2. Discuss strategies that can be implemented to make change more acceptable.

500 words APA Format with references.

Simple Risk

This module defines “simple risk,” using this definition to drive an analysis of the telecommunications industry. Also discusses the limitations of this definition, especially when considering human-made incidents, versus random accidents. Uses the 1995 Oklahoma Federal Building bombing as an example of risk due to human-caused incident. Also discusses Return-On-Investment (ROI), an extension of risk that incorporates a cost-benefit factor. Finally, addresses how risk affects the decisions made by policymakers, and suggests effective ways for policymakers to get the most “bang for the buck” in terms of protecting and hardening critical infrastructure (CI).

25 min | Jun 2011 | Ted Lewis – Executive Director, NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security



Introduction to Terrorism Typology, Targets and Organizations

According to Dr. Nadav Morag, “as with any other phenomenon, researchers and policy analysts who attempt to study terrorism are faced with the problem of defining the nature and boundaries of the phenomenon in question.” In this introduction to terrorism, Dr. Morag emphasizes the typology, targets, and organizations associated therein. He suggests that there are four basic methods to defining terrorism; based on the act itself, on those who carry it out, on the root cause for the violence perpetrated by the terrorists, or on the nature of the policy response to the terrorism. Some argue, even, that terrorism need not be violent. While countries offer national definitions of terrorism, each interpretation reflects the interests and mindsets of the governments that formulated them. Despite these typological discrepancies, Dr. Morag goes on to analyze the aims, targets, and incentives of various terrorist groups.

30 min | Sep 2005 | Nadav Morag – Instructor, Contractor for MAC Consulting Services, Inc., NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security


Reading Assignments:

Fay (2011), chapters 7-9

Terrorist Recognition Handbook, Section 5

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