Social Media and TV

This assignment is based on your reading.

After reading the article, you will do two things:

Step 1

Write a 2-paragraph post in which you explain one point made in the article (either by the author or one of the interviewees), and use a new example to illustrate your point. This example has to be a specific example from narrative or reality TV that has happened during this calendar year – 2018. Sports and awards shows do not count for the purpose of this assignment.

Make sure your response is well-written, uses proper paragraph structure, and has no typos. You do not have to cite your sources.

Step 2

Write a one-paragraph response to one of your classmate’s posts(in the files). This response needs to engage with what was said. “This is very interesting” is not an acceptable response.

NOTE: No more than TWO students can use the same program as their example.

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