Write two paragraphs, one as reflection and one as direction for your Module 3 Project,

Reflection: Given that we read/watched 4 sources about framing and will attempt our own framing analysis. What specific elements are you examining to get at the frames of your target websites (for example, facts, ideas, messages, repetition, symbols, images, model, omitted information, power relations)? List some specific examples you have extracted from your analysis of the website, like what gets repeated.

Direction: Declare which Module 3 option (1-5) you chose to do. Note that you may peek at the Module 4 prompt since Module 3 prepares you for Module 4. As you reflect on the framing analysis you are doing for Module 3, how are you tying in your target website’s frame with life in the real world? Do you notice any elements consistent with individualism or other values from American culture? Think about the (in)consistency with notions of success, individualism, personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, up-by-one’s-own-bootstraps.

Note: Framing analysis is a lot of work. That said, if you are going to choose the resume option for Module 4, and you know of companies that you will definitely apply to for a job, then pick two and you can analyze them for your Module 3, which will be a head start on Module 4. I don’t want you to spend time analyzing a company that you won’t be applying to because it is a lot harder your first time to analyze actual companies.

If you have no idea what’s out there, then it is best to do the job search websites just to get the hang of framing analysis, and you have a sample for GlassDoor as a guide (the sample has just one website but you are to do 2-3). This way, if you want to, you can do some shopping for jobs to discover which job search websites are best for you to use. You’ll be targeting one company for real in your Module 4 if you choose the resume/cover letter option.

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