A Significant Ethical Issue (Addictive Substance)

(Professional area to be selected by student based upon personal interest and knowledge

A significant ethical issue confronting a professional field will be determined by the student. It is expected that students will choose a field in which they expect to be involved upon graduation. The issue should be specific enough that the student can fully describe and address it in the following ways:

Describe the issue in “lay-person” terms and provide definitions for any technical terminology being used. This should be written as if it were to be published in a venue being read by practitioners in the field but also the interested public.

Define the issue in terms of its significance to the field (for example, has it always been an issue or is it of greater significance now and why? Is it an issue in the U.S. or developed countries, or western society, or is it universal?) Are there potential ramifications if the issue is not addressed or is left unresolved? What are they?

Describe various factual and normative arguments surrounding the issue from differing “sides”. Apply at least 3 ethical theories. This means thoroughly defining each theory with at least 2 separate, credible sources and then step by step explaining how the issue accepts or rejects the ethical theories.

Your may identify the prominent representatives of each of the perspectives involved, i.e. who is voicing the argument? What do they represent? What do they base their views upon? What is your position? Support your views with appropriate arguments from those presented.


  • 1,200+ word minimum
  • 12 point font
  • Double spaced
  • One inch margins
  • Cover page (APA format)
  • Running head and page # (APA format)
  • Introduction and Conclusion (no abstract required)
  • At least 3 ethical theories applied (Pick from: Hedonism, Desire Satisfaction Theory, Divine Command Theory, Natural Law Theory, Ethical Egoism (NOT Psychological Egoism), Consequentialism or Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, Virtue Ethics, Social Contract Theory, Ethical Relativism (can include Cultural Relativism) – if you veer from this list, you MUST check with Prof. Hammack – failure to do so may result in 0 for that critical thinking section.
  • Headings for Intro, Conclusion, and each Ethical Theory (APA format)
  • Reference page (APA format)
  • Minimum 6 sources on Ethical Theory NOT the “topic” (DO NOT USE Pp slides or videos).

Ethical arguments included in any chapter can be used in your papers. I am not looking for your opinion; I am looking for an ethical viewpoint. You can include any relevant personal experiences, graphs, charts, and any other information that may help you describe your moral dilemma. Be sure to include a minimum of 6 total sources using APA guidelines and include them in your references and citations to help you highlight your ethical theory application. Writing is expected to include critical thinking about how ethical theory and information from your references relate to each assignment topic.

Use “Google Scholarly” or the “Library Database” for additional sources (See Library Research Tab on the Left in Bb). Your sources MUST be credible. Do not use Wikipedia, dictionary, provided Pp or questionable websites (points will be taken off).

All papers must be grammatically correct and all spelling must be correct. Please use spelling/grammar check before you submit and carefully proof for errors NOT caught previously.

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