International business, assignment help

Two questions related to International Business:


Needs to be done strongly:

In APA 6th edition  format a must

Citations and reference list a must (please use MS Word’s “References” tab to insert Citation)

In about 2 pages in single space

Answers all questions need to be completely demonstrating
knowledge and understanding of key concepts, ability to think
critically, and has included original examples in response.

It is required that the textbook and/or scholarly research be included to justify and/or solidify any argument or reasoning

Textbook info: International Business Competing in the Global Marketplace 2016, 11th edition, by Charles W.L. Hill G. Tomas M Hult


Which side is right in the vigorous debate between those who favor a
fixed exchange rate and those who favor a floating exchange rate?
Economist cannot agree. Would international business be better off under
a fixed regime or are flexible rates better? Provide a comprehensive
rationale for your answer. 


Why has the global capital market grown so rapidly in recent decades?
Do you think this growth will continue throughout the next decade? Why
or why not?


Write a 4-page single space paper in response to a case study or
similar assignment provided by your professor. Answers are to be clear,
well-organized, and specific. Provide a concise, cogent argument and
include details to support your response. Follow  following

o  Content  rich, all questions and their parts have
been answered, and communicates substantive, accurate, and evidence
based analysis and critical thought.

o  Effective in supporting the student’s argument. The student provides supporting evidence for the argument

o  Well organized with a logical flow, contains correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

o  Follow all formatting guidelines, including page-length and APA formatting requirements.

o  The student is able to effectively demonstrate the
ability to draw logical and valid conclusions based on the supporting
researched based evidence presented.

o  Use at least 5 quality peer-reviewed and scholarly
resources (non website based) outside of the textbook to support your

Case Study: 

1.  Please review: Declining Cross-Border Capital
Flows-Retreat or Reset on page 359 of our text. How can the risk of
occurrence of crisis such as 2007-2008 global financial crisis be
mitigated in the future? What actions do you think a multinational firm
can take to limit the impact of future crisis in the global financial
system on the ability of the enterprise to raise capital to pay its
short-term bills and fund long-term investments? 

2.  Write a 4-page  minimum singlespace APA
formatted paper in response to the case study. Students must reference
at least 2 sources beyond the course materials. Please provide a
concise, cogent argument and include details to support your response.
CLA 1 focuses on assessing course foundations and the student’s ability
to define and understand its main concept

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