System Project Management((Reducing the Traffic congestion and enhancing the speed of the network))

1- Write a scope statement for the selected project. Your scope statement must include:

* Justification: A brief statement on the business need your project addresses.

* Objective: the goal and measurable objectives of the proposed system.

* Product scope description: The characteristics of the products, services, and/or results

your project will produce.

* Stakeholder: Identify and analyzing the benefit and impact of the stakeholder.

* Limitations of the proposed system.

* Interfaces of the proposed System.

* Cost, timeline and budget.

2- For the chosen system, list and justify at least 5 factors that will lead to sustainable product


3- Identify any two open source project management tool and use them to create brief plan for the

scope identified in task b. Present your observation comparing the usage of the two tools with


4- 0% similarity

5- 10 Pages require

6-References and citation must

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