Visual Rhetoric Presentations

We are surrounded by forms of discourse that are delivered via visual mediums in the contemporary world. Understanding how arguments and persuasion can be embedded within visual media is vital to being an effective critic of public speech in modern contexts. In order to better identify and critique the messages you receive in everyday life, you and a partner will select a text from pop culture that has a visual component (i.e. an episode of television, a film, a televised comedy special, etc.) that you believe has value as a rhetorical artifact. Create a 15 minute presentation accompanied by a visual aid laying out evidence for your analysis of your artifact. Both students must participate in the presentation and will be evaluated as a team.

1. The presentation must be about 15 minutes long

2. Can now be by yourself or with a partner

3. Cannot analyze the same artifact you focus on in your final paper

4. Must have a visual component such as a Prezi or Powerpoint

5. Video and audio clips must be no more than 3 minutes of your total presentation

6. Should clearly and accurately apply course concepts related to analyzing visual rhetoric discussed in lecture and in the readings

7. Should have a clear thesis or argument about the text they are analyzing and the way visuals are used persuasively in it

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