Empirical Questions Examples assignment

For this assignment, you will submit three empirical questions, along with a summary of one empirical article. You may use any of the empirical questions that you generated during the in-class activity along with any of the articles that you found during in-class activities.

For each empirical question, you must:

  • List the empirical question
  • List the operational definitions for all variables in your empirical question
  • List an APA-style reference to an article that is related to the empirical question

For one of your empirical questions, you must:

  • Write a summary of the article, written in scientific style
    • Summary must be 1 page
    • This summary must be in your own words (no direct quotes)
    • Turnitin score must be less than 10%
    • Summary must summarize the entire article, not just the abstract

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