need to right a poetry essay on one of shakespeare poetry

poetry anaylysis


1. In his sonnet “That time of year thou mayst in me behold,” Shakespeare explores a central theme in a series of metaphors in each of the three quatrains. In your thesis identify the poem’s central theme, then, in the body of your essay, analyze each of the three quatrains (the four-line “stanzas” that together make up the poem’s first 12 lines), showing how the metaphors introduced in each develop the central theme. Also consider the final couplet (the last two lines of the poem): What do these two lines seem to be saying to the unnamed addressee of the sonnet? (Note: In your introduction, try to “place” this sonnet within the context of the early modern sonnet tradition, demonstrating your understanding of how the sonnet developed as a unique poetic form and what its typical themes were.)

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