Pharmacy school questions

Please use my personal statement to answer the question its for pharmacy school and yes Im in a youth group in my church for 5 years please talk about this activity alot because its a religious school.

Use and add stuff if you want and I been volunteering at alvardo hospital, sharp hospital and working as pharamcy technation at walgreen

Personal Statement

“May I help you,” I said as I looked at the helpless young man wearing a shredded shirt and torn shoes. During my time in Iraq, I spent a large part of my teenage years helping my aunt in her pharmacy and familiarizing myself with the work she does. The young man that came into the pharmacy that Monday afternoon allowed me to witness the real impact pharmacists have on society. It made me find my calling in life. We learned that his poverty prevented him from buying proper medicine for his sick mother. At that time, Iraq was experiencing a shortage in medicine. During this crisis, my aunt worked incessantly to acquire the missing drugs for patients who needed them.
At that time, I learned that something as simple as a small pill could alter the life of an individual. My aunt’s dedication motivated me to ensure that everyone had an opportunity to be helped and have access to the necessary medication. The second instance was when a friend of mine had asthma complications and the prescribed inhaler was not available in her local pharmacy. Without a hesitation, my aunt reached out to the Ministry of Health to get the necessary inhaler for my friend and other people in similar situations. These instances showed me the value of a pharmacist and the significant role they play in positively impacting people’s lives. For these reasons, I decided to be a part of my aunt’s mission in society by aiding those in-need to improve their health.
As a child in Iraq, I knew that I wanted to be a pharmacist. My aunt, being a pharmacist, played an integral part in the community, especially in times of war. She inspired me to become like her one day. My parents knew of my passion but pushed me to become a physician like them. I persisted against my parents advice, against war, and against starting over in a foreign country. My perseverance has led to applying for pharmacy school and achieving my dream of not only becoming a pharmacist, but also being an integral part of my community.
My aunt was the pivotal inspiration for my decision in pursuing a career in the pharmacy field. She gave me the opportunity to work with her as her assistant and it was during this time that my passion forrd the pharmaceutical field was born. Being exposed to these two situations in which medical help was urgently needed outweighed other careers that I previously had considered.
My interest in the pursuing a career as a pharmacist motivated me to enroll in the pharmacy technician course at San Diego State University where I learned the origins, composition, development, manufacturing, and mechanisms through which drugs become approved.
To further my understanding of pharmacy specific concepts, I enrolled in biology and chemistry coursework at Cuyamaca College. These courses led me to develop a greater understanding and passion for the scientific underpinnings of the discipline. Working as a biology tutor at this time also enabled me to further my understanding of these subjects while helping other students.
In addition to coursework, I have also gained professional work experience in the field through working as a pharmacy technician at Nudo’s Pharmacy and participating in the University of California San Diego Pre-Pharmacy Society. We had weekly meetings that informed us about current events in the world of pharmacy, gain pharmacy-related knowledge and experience through mentorship programs and volunteer events. Overall, my education, past experiences, and love for people have given me a solid foundation in the pharmacy field and the aspiration to become a successful pharmacist.
The academic and professional opportunities I have had in the field of pharmacy have propelled me to further enrich my knowledge and grow in this field. Earning a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree will be a crucial step in achieving my long-term career goal of establishing a non-profit organization that will provided needed medications to children in underserved communities. I hope this will make a positive impact on the community in the same way my aunt impacted those in need in Iraq. My ambition and willingness to succeed will undoubtedly make me a worthy candidate and indispensable addition to the pharmaceutical community.

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