Representations of the news

Study these different visual representations of the spectrum of news sources.(in the picture) Use the spectrum that makes the most sense to you.

Pick three sources from different parts of the spectrum and look at their front pages. Find a news story that all three news sources cover (e.g. the Supreme Court, or the Thai rescue, or trade with China).

1. Describe what you see about how this news story is represented. Notice differences:

  • What is the headline? Is is factual? Opinionated? Sensationalist?
  • Where is the story located on the front page? How big is the type?
  • Are there any images? What do they communicate? (Feel free to include screenshots or other images in your post!)
  • What is the language like? Complex? Simple? What is the tone of the article?
  • Is anything distorted, misrepresented, or left out?
  • Any other observations?

2. Analyze what these differences tell you about political discourse in America, the political divide, and about the left (liberal or Democrat) and the right (conservative or Republican).

Once you have entered your own answer, respond to ONE other post with another healthy paragraph. Validate what you find interesting about what they say, then add something to their analysis. What can you say more about? What do you have a different opinion on? Remember to be respectful.

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