Technology & Interpersonal Communication

research issue “How does the use of technology
affect interpersonal communication?”

Discuss the research
cited in the references, and add your own perspective on the issue. You are
evaluating the work of professionals in your field and also adding your voice
to the professional conversation. Some of the things to discuss: both positive and negative affects of technology in developing interpersonal skills, effects of technology in personal and workplace relationships, pros & cons of Nonverbal Communication, Social Networks.

Required elements:

  1. Title

  2. An
    abstract page (no more than around 120 words)

  3. A
    thesis page – Can you revise the thesis statement to include more
    research-specific vocabulary?

    1. Thesis
      Statement (draft): Using email and text messaging to communicate causes those
      involved to become detached. Emailing and texting as mediums of communication
      negatively affects relationships by precipitating a lack of trust, distancing,
      and lack of clarity in messages being conveyed.

  4. A
    10-12 page essay with an introduction, body and conclusion. Page requirement
    excludes the title page, abstract page, thesis page, and references.

  5. In
    text citations for your sources (as necessary)

  6. A
    minimum of two quotes

  7. Use
    of 12-15 sources indicated that will be indicated in the item #6 below

  8. References

  9. APA

Here are some of the research I have found, please feel free to add to it.

a study of the media in.pdf

Effects of texting.pdf

Email Winners and Losers.pdf

Email Non-Response.pdf

Information and Communication.pdf

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