The Progressive Era and Jim Crow

  1. Discuss the three principles of Jim Crow. Explain the two competing notions that were advocated by African American leaders for fighting white supremacy at the turn of the 20th century.

answer should be between 500-1000 words (2 to 4 pages). You must cite at least two of the primary readings in each answer (from the Voices of Freedombook). answers should have an introduction, a body (where you provide the evidence for your answer), and a conclusion.

  • The last paragraph of the paper should be your conclusion. In your conclusion, summarize your arguments you made to answer the question.
  • Your answer should be based onnthe assigned readings and lectures. you need to answer these questions can be found in the text book, the primary source reader, and the lectures.
  • Don’t forget, you MUST also introduce and contextualize your quotes. You must tell your reader what document you’re quoting.
  • You should also try to avoid extended quotations. In almost all circumstances, you shouldn’t be quoting more than one or two sentences at a time. When you’re trying to quote a longer passage, intersperse your own words as necessary.

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