unit 1 government questions

1. This essay will evaluate your concept of the term, government. In the first paragraph, discuss at least three reasons for establishing a system of government. In subsequent paragraphs, using your own national government as a reference point, you will describe the specific ways in which your government addresses its roles and responsibilities.

2. There are five basic concepts or beliefs that are characteristic of democratic government. In five well developed paragraphs (worth 10 points each), you will identify each basic concept and explain how the concept is evident in American society and/or the American system of government.


A democracy may be either


In a democratic government, majority rules, but the rights of the minority are also considered.


All democracies should have the following basic concepts except:


In a democratic form of government, limits may be put into place to protect citizens from harm.


Anarchy is


Which of the following is not a basic concept of democracy?


Presidential government includes which of the following characteristics:


The United States may be described in all of the following ways except


All of the following are classifications of government based upon how many people hold power except


The role of government includes all of the following except


The idea that people are free to do as they please, without control by government is found in which of the following:


Which of the following describes a basic concept of democracy?


In a direct democracy


In a democratic government, there are no limits to individual freedom.


Each of the following describes a unitary system except


United by a common purpose, with the majority of power residing in the states is descriptive of


In a republic, Republicans hold sovereign power, while in a democracy, Democrats hold sovereign power.


In the United Kingdom, the head of the government is elected by their legislative branch, called Parliament. This characteristic means they have presidential government, much like the United States.


The forms of government known as unitary, confederate and federal are descriptive of the way in which their legislative branch and executive branches share power.

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