unit 4 fema assigment


Look at the events from 1979–2001 in your textbook on pages 132–133. During
this period, there were a multitude of events such as hurricanes, flooding,
and earthquakes that required a Presidential Declaration for assistance in
that particular state.

Create a table similar to that on pages 132–133 that includes events from
2002–current year. The table should include the following information:

You may use Word or Excel to
create your table. Include at least five events in your table. You may find
these websites helpful in your research:



Next, write a summary that coordinates with the five events in the table.
In your summary for each disaster, you should cover the following

  • Correlate each disaster listed in the table to the implementation
    of disaster-focused improvement for that event. In other words, what did
    we learn as a nation when the event occurred?
  • Was the United States prepared for this event?
  • Did our disaster response meet the needs of the communities impacted
    by the event?
  • Were special programs, resources, or monies created to better
    prepare for another event similar to this one?
  • Describe how the stand up of FEMA changed emergency management and
    disaster response.

Your document should be at least three pages in length (including the
table you have created). If you created the table in Excel, be sure to place
that chart in your Word document. You may do this by using the Snip It Tool or
taking a snap shot of the chart. You must include at least three sources in
your research, and the information should be cited and referenced in APA

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