Why is environmental policy important. Propose an environmental policy.

Based on what you
have learnt so far, answer the following questions concerning a workshop where the primary
business is the fabrication of steel structures for the marine industry. The processes involve
welding, machining, and non-destructive testing such as X-ray. Substantial amounts of
chemicals and coolants are used.

A) Why is environmental policy important for a company which is certified to ISO 14001:2015 standards? Propose an environmental policy involving the fabrication of steel structures for the marine industry, giving due consideration to applicable environmental legislations.

B) Identify TWO (2) environment aspects of the operation.For the TWO (2) identified aspects, carry out an aspect-impact study to the level of significance of the environment impact associated with the individual aspects. Illustrate your answers with the methodology used in deciding the significance of the environmental impacts, giving due consideration to the Singapore Environmental Legislations.

1.5 pages for question A (Single spaced).

1.5 pages for question B (Single spaced).

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