Write an essay about the literature

Write an essay talk about the literature, at least 750 words.

Some of our discussions this term have focused on symbolism, and the readings during the second half of the term have contained a wide variety of symbols—from symbolic objects, to symbolic gestures, to symbolic characters. Choosing at least one specific textual example from three different authors, where have we seen significant symbols in the second half of the term? What is the symbol? What does it represent? How is that symbol significant in terms of the story or poem? Are there similar symbols in everyday life? Why or why not? Keep in mind that you can choose one symbol you see in several of the readings (and then talk about the specific ways it appears in different texts) or you can choose a different symbol in each text and tie the discussion together with reflection on why symbols in literature might be significant.

Choose the work only from the works I list below.

Ibsen, Hedda Gabler

She, “An Old and Established Name”

Borges, “The Garden of Forking Paths”

Yeats, “When You Are Old,” “Easter 1916,” and “The Second Coming”

Rilke, (all poems)

Neruda, “Tonight I Can Write” and “I’m Explaining a Few Things”

Cortázar, “House Taken Over”

Achebe, “Chike’s School Days”

Mahfouz, “Zaabalawi”

El Saadawi, “In Camera”

Al-Shaykh, “The Women’s Swimming Pool”

Yan, “The Old Gun”

Thiep, “The General Retires”

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